Smooth and Rough in the Gunks

Loop Road, Sam's Point PreserveSeptember’s “Taking a Hike” for The Hour was about the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York. The hike began with a black bear and ended at beautiful Verkeerder Kill Falls (there were still two miles to go to get back to the car, but sometimes hikes “end” before the walking is done). You can read the article here.

As usual, I have “upgraded” an older article to make it available in full via the “Taking a Hike” tab. In this case it is June’s bit about the Herrick Trail (great Housatonic River views) and the southern end of the Connecticut AT.Near Indian Rock, Sam's Point Preserve, Gunks

If you read August’s article about hiking in Quebec, I have now added most of the good photographs to Facebook – one last hike to add.

The photos here are from the Gunks – the Loop Road by Lake Maratanza, and stunted pine and red berries at Indian Rock.

2 thoughts on “Smooth and Rough in the Gunks

    • Hi Althea – If you click through to the article on The Hour’s website, the bear is one of the three pictures alongside the article. You may need to click on “Next” to get it to come up. He isn’t exactly Gentle Ben size-wise 🙂

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