The Pemi – Tuesday, October 1st

Camping Pemigewasset Wilderness

Start: Franconia Brook tentsite (pictured above), 8.10am.
Finish: AMC Zealand Falls Hut, about 3.30pm.
Route: Pemi East Side, Wilderness, Thoreau Falls and Ethan Pond trails.
Distance: 10.6 miles.
Weather: Sunny and warm.
Photos: On Facebook here (no need to be a user)

Breakfast: At camp – oatmeal, instant coffee without milk.
Lunch: On top of Thoreau Falls – tortillas and cheese, trail mix, dried fruit, beef jerky.
Supper: Zealand Falls Hut – vegetable soup and homemade bread; lasagna and peas; gingerbread – prepared by AMC hut staff.

Highlight: Gazing at the night sky outside Zealand Falls Hut.
Lowlight: Nothing worth mentioning.
Wildlife: Moose tracks on Thoreau Falls Trail.
Worries: Middle daughter’s chemistry exam – no cell coverage all day for texts.
Best Bit of Kit: Canister stove for making a hot breakfast.

Memorable People: No people at all on the first eight miles. Sociable crowd at AMC hut.
People Best Forgotten: That guy taking a sponge bath in the brook next to the hut – me.

Late-afternoon view from AMC Zealand Falls Hut.

Late-afternoon view from AMC Zealand Falls Hut.

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