The Pemi – Wednesday, October 2nd

Socked in on South Twin, NH AT
Start: AMC Zealand Falls Hut, 7:45am.
Finish: Garfield Ridge campsite, about 6pm.
Route: Twinway and Garfield Ridge trails.
Distance: 9.7 miles.
Weather: Sunny at first, then misty on ridges, then partly cloudy.
Photos: On Facebook here, but you don’t have to be a user.

Breakfast: AMC hut crew’s oatmeal, pancakes & coffee.
Lunch: Outside Galehead Hut – tortillas and cheese, trail mix, dried fruit, beef jerky.
Supper: Garfield Ridge – rehydrated pasta and beef sauce.

Highlight: Resting behind rocks from a cold, wind-driven mist on South Twin Mtn.
Lowlight: Clambering up a section of Mt Garfield twice (I thought I had lost the trail and was climbing a streambed. So I climbed down again, only to discover I was right the first time).
Wildlife: Nothing at all.
Worries: Occasional knee twinges on bouldery descents.
Best Bit of Kit: Trekking poles – and the seat of my pants – on steep descents.

Memorable People: A couple of thru hikers from the southern states. One optimistically heading north, the other a “flip-flopper” temporarily with his son for company.
People Best Forgotten: A rather elaborate performance from the hut crew to get tips.

Mist notwithstanding, I was extraordinarily lucky with the weather on this trip. It is not always as warm in early October. The picture below was taken on Mt Jackson (just over 4,000 feet) on October 12th 2007.

Mt Jackson October 12th 2007

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