The Pemi – Thursday, October 3rd

Fourth and final trail notes.

AT in New Hampshire, Garfield Ridge

Start: Garfield Ridge campsite, 7:30am.
Finish: Lafayette Place, Franconia State Park, 5:30pm.
Route: Garfield Ridge, Franconia Ridge and Falling Waters trails.
Distance: 8.8 miles.
Weather: Sunny and warm, but a cold wind on exposed ridge.
Photos: On Facebook here (no need for a FB account).

Breakfast: Garfield Ridge – oatmeal again, and Nescafé.
Lunch: On Mt Lafayette – you guessed it, tortillas and cheese, trail mix, dried fruit …
Supper: A disgusting quantity of fatty food at Truant’s Taverne in North Woodstock. It didn’t feel good afterwards.

Highlight: The views from the north side of Mt Lafayette. I am sure they ran all the way to Quebec and (west) the Adirondacks.
Lowlight: The long, tedious, sweaty descent from Franconia Ridge.
Wildlife: Two jays swooped for crumbs after I finished breakfast. They left hungry.
Worries: Water. My filter broke when I was pumping from a spring in the morning. I filled up only seven miles later.
Best Bit of Kit: Wooly hat and gloves for the exposed sections of ridge.

Memorable People: The wildlife biologist out with her dog on Little Haystack. She said it was OK to drink untreated brook water in NH as long as you take it upstream of where humans and animals cross. She also took the last photo posted on Facebook.
People Best Forgotten: Lots of company after Mt Lafayette, including the guy who spat bits of granola bar in my direction as he talked urgently and incessantly.

Above the treeline on the Garfield Ridge Trail.

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