The Hour – Scrub the Hercules Bit

Hiltebeitel Trail sunset, Devil's Den, Weston CTMy first Taking a Hike column of 2014 was published in The Hour on Thursday. It is about hiking before, during (sort of) and after “Winter Storm Hercules”. You can read it here. “Hercules” was a significant storm for us, not so much for snow as for cold and wind. It was also the storm that drove home to me that we are now naming winter storms. Or rather The Weather Channel is, and I am left feeling a bit bad for having thoughtlessly followed their lead. In private, I have joked about the practice, seeing it as all about keeping the drama and the ratings up, and wondering when we will have Thundershower Thelma or Morning Fog Frankie. And then I go and use it in Taking a Hike! It won’t happen again.

October’s column – backpacking in NH’s Pemigewasset Wilderness – is now available in full via the Taking a Hike tab (“Pemi Wilderness”), or by clicking here. The warm, dry fall weather of that trip seems now a very long time ago.

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