The Hour – The Joy of Four Seasons

Mt Everett hikeI’ve seen Race Brook Falls twice, first in April and now in February. They looked radically different on each occasion – spring falls versus winter falls (see photos below). My February column for The Hour, published today, is based on a day hike that passes beneath the falls on its way up Mount Everett. The column celebrates the blessings of four seasons, even as most of us around here can’t wait for spring (good news, there is the sound of ice falling off my house today).

If you have Google Earth, this link should take you to the tour of Mount Everett. You can see some of the landscape features mentioned in the article – Guilder Pond, the steep north face, the bowl between mounts Everett and Race where Race Brook is born and then tumbles off the escarpment.

November’s column – Breakneck Ridge and Sugarloaf Mountain – is now available in full via the Taking a Hike tab (“Hudson Highlands”), or by clicking here. There are notes and photos for this hike on Facebook.

Race Brook Falls - April

Race Brook Falls Trail

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