Taking a Hike – Three Faces of the NRVT

Norwalk River Valley Trail

Bailey bridge over the Norwalk River at Wolfpit Rd, Wilton CT

May’s “Taking a Hike” column was published when Katie and I were away in the Smokies. It is available in The Hour as NRVT is taking shape nicely and on Hersam Acorn A&L as Three faces of the emerging Norwalk River Valley Trail.

The Norwalk River valley in southwest Connecticut is a densely-populated place; not Hong Kong-dense, but those of us who live here are more tightly packed in, I suspect, than even the CT average. We don’t usually think of the area as a river valley at all, talking instead of the “Route 7 Corridor” or similar. So it was nice to take a few outings recently with the river as the main reference point; from Long Island Sound to the young, swamp-fed stream by way of a tidal estuary. This is what May’s column is about.

February’s column – a winter hike up Mount Everett – is now available in full from the Taking a Hike tab (2014: “Feb – Mount Everett”) or by clicking here.

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