Taking a Hike – Coming out of Hibernation

Bird talk from Milan Bull, Newman-Poses Preserve, Westport

Bird talk from Milan Bull, Newman-Poses Preserve, Westport

It seems crazy when it’s 82 degrees outside and we are a week away from the Fourth to have just published a column which talks about hikers emerging from hibernation. In part, that is just the cycle of the column, publication trailing writing which trails the actual hiking. But it also reminds me how quickly we move from cold to hot around here. I grew up in a place where it seemed you could have a cool July day in January and a mild January day in July. The sudden transition here from fires to ceiling fans still impresses me. It was frosty at night until two months ago, and snowed on April 16th. Now yard work bathes me in sweat.

So, now that I have excused myself for even hinting at winter in my column, I can say that this month’s “Taking a Hike” is available from The Hour here, and on the Hersam Acorn Art & Leisure website here. It is about the hiking, learning and trail laboring opportunities that are suddenly plentiful when the leaves come out. As usual, I have made a three-month-old column available in full on this site. It is from March, about (oh dear) a very cold walk on the Aspetuck Valley Trail (see the Taking a Hike tab – 2014: “Mar – Aspetuck Valley” – or click here) .

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