Taking a Hike – The Ives Trail

Ives Trail in Tarrywile Park

Ives Trail in Tarrywile Park

My “Taking a Hike” column for June describes an adventure on the Ives Trail. I think the word “adventure” applies; most of the trail was new to me, it was physically demanding, and much of the hike was figuratively – sometimes literally – off the beaten track.

The Ives Trail is not a scenic extravaganza, at least not from beginning to end. There were suburban intrusions here and there – a couple of junked cars, wire fences running through the woods, the drone of chippers. But the trail led to some surprising places. I liked in particular the deep, cool, boulder-strewn canyon between Thomas and Moses mountains. The sections over Wooster and Pine mountains are beautiful, as are some stretches in Tarrywile Park. Bennett’s Pond is a fine finale.

You can find the column at The Hour (The ups and downs of Ives Trail) and Hersam Acorn (The Ives Trail: No stroll in the park!). Enjoy.

March’s column – a snowbound Sleeping Giant – is now available in full on this site (via the Taking a Hike tab – 2015: “Mar – Sleeping Giant” – or by clicking here).

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