Day Hike Notes – Regicides Trail / Quinnipiac Trail

Our Objective - Sleeping Giant from West Rock Ridge South Overlook

Our Objective – Sleeping Giant from West Rock Ridge South Overlook

This is a two-car hike, which the good fortune of David’s company allowed me to undertake (David and I last hiked together two years ago on the Herrick Trail and A.T.). We left David’s car at the Sleeping Giant, drove mine to New Haven, and set off back toward the Giant on the Regicides Trail.

A regicide is a king-killer, in this case two gentlemen who signed the death warrant of King Charles I of England, and fled to the Connecticut Colony when his son – Charles II – came to the throne. In 1661, they hid from officers of the Crown on West Rock Ridge for some weeks, and lived to die in their beds.

A Stretch of the Regicides Trail

A Stretch of the Regicides Trail

DATE: Friday, July 17th.
START: West Rock Ridge State Park, South Overlook.
FINISH: Sleeping Giant State Park, Mt Carmel Ave entrance.
ROUTE: Regicides Trail north, then Quinnipiac Trail east.
DISTANCE: 11 miles.
TIME: 6 hours (9:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.)
TERRAIN: In places, rougher underfoot than we expected; a few short, steep climbs (notably York Mountain where the Regicides and Quinnipiac trails meet); the Quinnipiac Trail uses short stretches of residential streets in Hamden.
MAP: West Rock Ridge SP map for Regicides Trail; hard-copy CFPA Walk Book West maps for Quinnipiac Trail.

Our Eastern Box Turtle

Our Eastern Box Turtle

WEATHER: Sunny and warm, not too humid.
WILDLIFE: An Eastern Box Turtle (pictured).

PHOTOS: The best are built into this post.

BREAKFAST: A rushed bagel in Hamden.
LUNCH: In a stand of pines above (invisible) Lake Watrous.

Lake Watrous

Lake Watrous

UPS: Hiking over a tunnel I had so often driven through (Rte. 15 at Woodbridge).
DOWNS: Goods views from the ridge that would have been better without transmission lines (but I was glad of electricity when I got home).
KIT: Fully 3 quarts of water easily downed.
COMPANY: David, but nobody else until we hit Nolan Rd in Hamden after 8-9 miles.

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