Taking a Hike – Hiking with Kids

Find other activities to break up a hike.

Find other activities to break up a hike.

When I learned on September 22nd that my injured knee was going to need many weeks’ treatment with a wonder drug called rest, and that, consequently, I was facing another “Taking a Hike” column without actually taking a hike, I quickly thought “I’ll write about hiking with children” …

You can read the rest of my October “Taking a Hike” column at The Hour (Tips on hiking with children) and Hersam Acorn (Hiking with children: Be brave!). My wife liked it; you may too.

As for my knee, it made steady progress for a month. I got to take a couple of short, gentle hikes without problems. I got back on my bike. I did a little wood-splitting. Then, this past weekend, I felt the progress stop, even reverse. I am now being very cautious again. Even so, I am optimistic that November’s “Taking a Hike” will be back on the trails, gentle ones.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Hike – Hiking with Kids

    • I know they have fond memories too, grandpa. As do Charissa and I of Arches when you looked after the girls (just two of them then, I think) at the motel so Charissa and I could hike alone.

  1. I remember a time in Moab when my dad got up in the dark to come sit in our dark motel room and watch three little girls sleep so we could go and catch the sunrise at Delicate Arch. That was a wonderful gift from a man who knows how to create opportunities for the things that matter. Thanks Dad!

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