Short Hike Notes – Macricostas Preserve

Macricostas Preserve, Washington CT

Looking east across Meeker Swamp to, possibly, mounts Rat and Tom

After Candlewood Mountain, I drove 13 miles to Macricostas Preserve for a second Black Friday hike. The Preserve had been on my mind since summer, mainly because I wanted to see the advertised views of Lake Waramaug. What better time to try it, a warm November afternoon when my knee seemed to be holding up?

The two hikes were very different. Macricostas lies far from the Route 7 sprawl; it was busy, in contrast to the solitude of Candlewood Mountain; its trails were super-easy after the scrambles of Kelly’s Slide; all trace of mist was long gone from the far bigger views.

DATE: Friday, November 27th.
START & FINISH: Parking area on Christian Street, New Preston CT.
ROUTE: Meeker Trail to Waramaug’s Rock and back via the most direct route.
DISTANCE: About 3 miles.
TIME: 2 hours (12:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.)
TERRAIN: Flat and easy, then steep, finally a gentle ridge walk, all on good trail. Waramaug’s Rock is 550 feet above the parking area.
MAP: Available from Steep Rock Association website. 

WEATHER: Sunny and very mild (it hit the low 60s).
WILDLIFE: None that I recall.

UPS: The open country around Bee Brook and Meeker Swamp, and farther on (and up) the big views from ledges in the wooded hills.
DOWNS: I’d like to go back on a less busy day.
KIT: Poles appreciated again, on the steeper, leaf-covered descents.
COMPANY: Plenty, all of it very friendly, like the little girl who told me “You have leaves on the end of your stick”.

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