Short Hike Notes – John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail in Torrington, Connecticut, that is; not the one in California’s Sierra Nevada. There are minor differences in length, difficulty, scenery etc.

Swampy Pond on Torrington CT John Muir Trail

“False Burr Pond”

Actually, I fell short of completing even the Connecticut version. Not deliberately, but because I thought I had reached Burr Pond and so the end of the trail. I had not. I had reached a nameless, swampy pond not shown on my map. It was attractive, certainly worth a name. False Burr Pond maybe.

I walked some way around and beyond this pond, thinking I was circumnavigating Burr Pond. I turned around after a while because rounding Burr Pond was not part of my plan. At this point – I worked out only after I was back home – I was actually still on the John Muir Trail toward Burr Pond. I probably ended up missing a few hundred yards of the JMT. A good excuse to go back.

Walnut Mountain Torrington CT

On Walnut Mountain, 1,325 feet.

DATE: Thursday, January 7th.
START & FINISH: Sunnybrook State Park parking lot, Newfield Road, Torrington CT.
ROUTE: John Muir Trail almost to its end, then back, taking in Walnut Mountain via side trail. Various wrong turns all along the way.
DISTANCE: Something over 5 miles with wrong turns.
TIME: 3.75 hours (9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.)
TERRAIN: Fairly easy, except where an icy layer of snow made for some awkward slopes.
MAP: I carried the map from CFPA Walk Book WestBut the CT DEEP Paugnut State Forest map gives a far better idea of the features of the land (like that swampy pond southwest of Burr Pond).

WEATHER: Sunny and cold (a few degrees either side of freezing).
: Nothing of note.
PHOTOS: Just those in this post.

East Branch Naugatuck River

East Branch Naugatuck River near the hike start/finish.

UPS: Fine stands of white pine; the swampy pond.
DOWNS: The crate of discarded beer cans on top off Walnut Mountain.
KIT: Boot chains made hiking a lot easier.

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