Taking a Hike – Fahnestock State Park

“Taking a Hike” #39 was published last Thursday. On the Saturday, my wife took a call from a reader (I was out having my eyes tested). I called the reader back later. His name was Paul, and he had enjoyed reading about my trek in Fahnestock State Park. He had done it himself, he said, with his scout troop, and had liked being reminded of its features.

Now, I do not have a particular type of person in mind when I write the column; not a particular age, not necessarily a dyed-in-the-wool hiker, not exclusively either a long-term resident of this area or a newcomer. But Paul made me think of a group I had not much considered – retired hikers. Paul said that various aches and pains had probably put his hiking days behind him. He had taken his hikes in Fahnestock quite a long time ago. I hate to think of anyone having to give up hiking; it becomes such a part of you. But in future, as I scribble, I will try to think of hikers who don’t get out much anymore, and put in for them what I can.

The article Paul called about can be found at The Hour and Hersam Acorn Newspapers.


Beside Three Lakes Trail, Fahnestock SP

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