Taking a Hike – The Little River

The Little River breaches a stone wall

The Little River in Centennial Watershed State Forest, Redding CT

I have written about hikes in Redding, CT before. September 2014’s column (“Redding Trails”) was entirely about the town’s excellent hiking opportunities. Other columns have touched on Redding:

March 2014 – the Aspetuck Valley Trail
January 2015 – Saugatuck Falls
June 2015 – the Ives Trail, which starts – or perhaps finishes – in Redding.

The September 2014 column introduced Redding’s “The Book of Trails”. I wrote:

“The Book of Trails” divides its walks among three watersheds (Aspetuck, Little River, Saugatuck) and what it calls the West Ridge …. Early this month I took hikes in two of these divisions, putting the Little River and Saugatuck watersheds aside for now. It’s important to leave loose ends like that, for next time.

Well, this month I tied up another of those loose ends by taking hikes in the Little River watershed. Though I took them on March 3rd and 7th, these outings were snow and ice free. This was a noticeable contrast with my Aspetuck Valley walk exactly two years ago. Back then, the trails “were covered in hardened snow; slippery here, potholed with fossilized footprints there”.

So, a wide variety of trails in Redding, and each one different by season, and each season different each year. Hard to get bored.

“Taking a Hike” on the Little River can be found at The Hour and Hersam Acorn Newspapers.

Little River swamp, Redding CT

Swamp beside the Little River

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