Day Hike Notes – New England Trail (5)

[Connecticut’s Metacomet Trail runs 62 miles from the Massachusetts line at Suffield to the Hanging Hills north of Meriden.  It is now a segment of the 215-mile New England Trail (Long Island Sound to New Hampshire). My daughter and I hope to section-hike the Metacomet Trail this year, and perhaps continue south to the Sound, if we have time and energy.]

The Hanging Hills from Ragged Mountain

The Hanging Hills from Ragged Mountain

On the long approach to Ragged Mountain we met two hikers, both gray-beards if I remember right. They were section-hiking the New England Trail south to north, and so had hiked some 65 miles from Long Island Sound to where they met us. They said that the stretch over Ragged Mountain, which they had just completed, was the best so far. Several hours later, when Katie and I were done with Ragged Mountain ourselves, we agreed with them. It had been the best section so far of our north-south hike. By then it was warm mid-afternoon, and we had hiked an additional few miles of rough trail because of a navigation lapse. Something else the gray-beards had mentioned felt very enticing – a refreshing plunge into the Sound when/if we reach it sometime this fall.

DATE: Friday, May 20th.
START: Crescent Lake, Southington.
FINISH: Edgewood Road, Berlin.
ROUTE: Metacomet Trail south.
DISTANCE: 11 miles, including 0.6 mile access trail from Crescent Lake (and we did at least 3 additional miles through poor navigation).
ACCUMULATED DISTANCE: 50.4 miles (excluding side trails and wrong turns).
TIME: 8.5 hours (9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
TERRAIN: Often rough trails interspersed with quiet road-walks. Highest point, Ragged Mountain, 761 feet.
MAP: AMC/CFPA New England Trail Map & Guide.

WEATHER: Sunny, warm, and still. High about 75 degrees.
WILDLIFE: The black tail of a snake slithering into cover (probably a Black Rat).

BREAKFAST: McDonald’s, Meriden.
LUNCH: The wonderful usual, above Wassel Reservoir.
UPS: Views of the Hanging Hills. Quiet country lanes so close to so many towns.
DOWNS: Discovering we had walked a mile / 30 minutes down a side-trail by mistake, just when we were overheating and tiring.
KIT: We both brought 2 liters of water, but could have done with more.
COMPANY: On and off, mainly on Ragged Mountain.

Metacomet Trail Map (5)

The Metacomet Trail within CT’s CFPA trail system. Our 5 day-hikes so far are indicated.

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