Day Hike Notes – Acadian Mountains

Penobscot Mountain and Jordan Pond

Cliffs of Penobscot Mountain beside Jordan Pond.

I returned on Friday from five days up in Maine, a stay split between two very different hiking experiences. First, familiar Acadia National Park, where I joined my eldest daughter. Acadia is very beautiful, but well crisscrossed by roads, bike trails, and hiking paths. It is visited by millions every year. Even so, we had the first half of this hike almost entirely to ourselves (rain is a great killer of crowds), and the bare rock ridges felt wild and lonely.

Next, I drove 140 miles northwest to Bigelow Preserve. I will post about Bigelow later, but it is crossed only by rough trails, along which I met a half dozen people in 28 hours, and four of those were a group of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers who passed by in a few seconds. They had set out from Georgia in January! I had an IT disaster with my Bigelow photographs, but hope they will be recovered in time for posts later in the week. In the meantime, here is our hike over Acadia NP’s more modest summits:

DATE: Monday, May 30th.
START & FINISH: Jordan Pond parking, Acadia National Park, Maine.
ROUTE: Penobscot Mountain > Sargent Mountain > South Bubble > return via Jordan Pond Path.
DISTANCE: 5-6 miles.
TIME: 5.5 hours (9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)
TERRAIN: Although Acadia has the feel of well-groomed nature, sections of our trails were rough indeed, especially in the morning rain. If, like me, your least favorite trails are those that go very steeply down, bits of the Sargent East Cliffs and Bubbles trails will be a challenge.
MAP: Map Adventures Acadia NP Trail Map.

WEATHER: Cloudy with showers, then brightening up in the afternoon. High in low 60s.
WILDLIFE: None that I remember.

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal and coffee at Blackwoods Campground.
LUNCH: Trail food eaten piecemeal.
UPS: Having Penobscot and Sargent mountains to ourselves.
DOWNS: I slipped and fell on a slick ledge beside the Sargent East Cliffs Trail. No harm done though.
KIT: Poles, as usual, were mostly a blessing, but a pain on scrambles.
COMPANY: Katie, almost no one else until Jordan Pond, then plenty (though short of crowded).

Glacial erratic on Penobscot Mountain

Glacial erratic on Penobscot Mountain.

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