Taking a Hike, Not Taking a Hike

August is three weeks old and I haven’t hit the trail yet. Katie – the eldest of my three daughters – and I had penciled in a Friday for Day Eight of our hike to Long Island Sound on the New England Trail, but I postponed at the last minute. I had to have a tooth pulled; I was (am) busy with a work project; and the weather looked lousy too (very hot, humid, thundery). If we are lucky, the dog days will be over by the time we resume our trek. Mounts Higby and Beseck await.

I also have a plan to backpack in the Adirondacks, but that also will have to wait until the work project is done. It could end up squeezed against a plan to hit New Hampshire’s Whites in October. It’s great to have all these outings in the offing (to which I should add an embryonic plan to join Dave Byrnes for a section of the Pacific Crest Trail next year).

For now, while not exactly deskbound (I have my bike, and maybe a short hike this weekend), I am limited to contemplating hikes and writing about hikes past. My August “Taking a Hike” column (a sweaty day in Bear Mountain State Park) was published by The Hour and Hersam Acorn. Click Beauty, history mark a sweaty summer ramble for a PDF of the print version, or Bear Mountain State Park to read online. The picture below is the “sunlit woods of small, well-spaced oak” on Dunderberg Mountain.

Woods atop Dunderberg Mtn.

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