Taking a Hike – Back to the Den


Rustic trail bridge, Devil’s Den, Weston CT

You can tell it’s autumn; we had snow flurries last week, but t-shirt weather yesterday. I doubt we’ll have many more t-shirt days this year, but I do hope the serious snow holds off. I still have hiking and even backpacking plans. More about those next, but first – belatedly – my October “Taking a Hike” column.

The column, not for the first time, is about the Devil’s Den in Weston CT. The Den is my nearest hiking place, and my family has visited it frequently for almost 18 years. The Den is not Yellowstone or even the Litchfield Hills, but even so it has its “wow!” places. The article is not about those places. It’s about a few of the Den’s unsung, quietly rewarding corners.

The Den’s big little places at The Hour.
The Den’s big little places at Hersam Acorn.

Those hiking plans:

My eldest daughter, Katie, and I still have a day and a half of hiking to do to reach Long Island Sound, and so complete our north-south traverse of Connecticut on the New England Trail. I am confident we will get it done in November.

Back in July, I wrote that I would be “off to the Dacks in August, or September, or maybe October”. It didn’t happen, on account of work projects. The idea was to backpack in Silver Lake Wilderness. I have not given up on the plan entirely, but recognize that the weather will need to cooperate. No part of the hike is much over 2,000 feet in elevation, and grades are gentle. But we are talking Upstate New York, so who knows what the weather will do? I am not bothered, within reason, by cold; it’s deep snow that would make me call a halt. Short days, too, may cause a cut-back on distance.


The gully on Ensor’s Trace, Devil’s Den

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