Four Seasons, Four States, Four Pictures

I asked a friend recently if he’d been getting out much. I meant, of course, getting out to hike. He replied, with a hint of surprise that I wasn’t familiar with his routine, “every day!”.

I think I would like to take a long hike every day, but for now I can’t. This is not a complaint. Other things that I (mostly) want to do take up time. So, when I look back on 2016, hiking has been a frequent pleasure, not – as it could easily become – a way of life.

Mainly on account of those other things, my hiking this year was “confined” to the US Northeast (though it’s a crazy idea that New England could confine any hiker). The big event was discovering the central part of my home state on the 111 miles of the New England Trail that run through Connecticut. Another big event was hiking the whole year without the knee trouble that plagued me in the second half of 2015. I am very grateful for that.

Resolutions for 2017: backpack more; get out west again, or overseas; get into a routine of leading AMC hikes locally.

As I have done for a couple of years now, here is a hiking highlight for each season of the year that is now coming to an end. Happy Holidays and the best of trails in 2017!

WINTER: Just the right amount of snow in Fahnestock State Park (New York, February).

The path to the Appalachian Trail, Fahnestock SP

Short path to the Appalachian Trail

SPRING: Hitting the heights of the Bigelow Range (Maine, June 1st).


Avery Peak from West Peak

SUMMER: A steamy day on the Metacomet Ridge (Connecticut, July)


The Hanging Hills in the distance

FALL: About to be rained on at the lower of the Greeley ponds, White Mountains (New Hampshire, October).


Mad River Notch and a spur of Mount Osceola

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