Day Hike Notes – Westchester Wilderness Walk

Zofnass Family Preserve, Eastern Loop wetland

Wetland, Zofnass Family Preserve, Eastern Loop

If 150 acres formed a square, the sides would be less than a half-mile in length. I think I’ve got that right. Anyway, it is not a big area to hike in. All the more remarkable, then, what Zofnass Family Preserve holds within its 150 irregularly shaped acres – streams, wetlands, high outcrops, distinctive boulders, and some 10 miles of trail! The Preserve sits in a quiet neighborhood too, and I do not recall the sound of traffic from nearby roads. So, maybe not exactly wilderness (the trails are too many and too well-signposted for that), but a fine open space nevertheless.

DATE: Thursday, March 2nd.
START & FINISH: Upper Shad Road, Pound Ridge, NY.
ROUTE: Pretty much the outermost trails of Zofnass Family Preserve hiking counterclockwise, and skipping the Northern Loop.
DISTANCE: 6-7 miles (counting an accidental repeated section and additional loop).
TIME: 3½ hours (1:15 to 4:45 p.m.). An afternoon hike, not a day hike.

TERRAIN: Mostly easy, but not always smooth underfoot.
MAP: From Westchester Land Trust website.

WEATHER: Sunny and breezy. High in the 40s.
WILDLIFE: Whistling and croaking amphibians in some wetlands.

BREAKFAST: At home, hours before departure.
LUNCH: Cheese sandwich in the car, driving to Pound Ridge.
UPS: Finding so much to enjoy in just 150 acres.
DOWNS: None.
KIT: I need to learn how to take photographs with my phone without having to key in my passcode every time.
COMPANY: My wife, Charissa, and no one else. Charissa says she saw a woman with a dog near the start, but they escaped my notice.

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