My 2017 Seasonal Highlights

About this time last year, while looking back at my 2016 hiking, I rashly made resolutions for 2017. They were: “backpack more; get out west again, or overseas; get into a routine of leading AMC hikes locally.”

I suppose I can claim partial success.

Despite its having been a busy year in non-hiking areas, I did manage two backpacking trips, one in the Adirondacks’ Silver Lake Wilderness, one on the Pacific Crest Trail. The latter counts as “out west again”, even though California was not where I had in mind back in December 2016.

I failed on the AMC hikes, leading outings in January and February, but then failing to get it together again for the remainder of the year.

Before I am tempted to make hiking resolutions for 2018, here is my hiking highlight for each season of the year that is now coming to an end.

WINTER: Minnewaska State Park. It didn’t feel like winter, but a January hike still provided huge views over and beyond the Shawangunk plateau.

Castle Point - a good place for lunch

On Castle Point, Minnewaska State Park, NY

SPRING: Silver Lake Wilderness. Mud Lake, where I overnighted on my first night of a two-night backpack, will last long in my memory for its beauty and atmosphere.

Mud Lake, Silver Lake Wilderness, May evening

Mud Lake, Silver Lake Wilderness, NY

SUMMER: Connecticut Appalachian Trail. My eldest and I hiked the CT AT in five stages between February and November. Stage Three ended south of Falls Village where a storm was brewing.

CT Appalachian Trail, summer storm Salisbury

Appalachian Trail, Falls Village, CT

FALL: Pacific Crest Trail, Desolation Wilderness. Very early fall, but new-season snow had already fallen and can be seen lingering on the 10,000-foot mountains southwest of Susie Lake.

Susie Lake, PCT, Desolation Wilderness

Susie Lake, Desolation Wilderness, CA

Happy New Year and Happy 2018 Trails!

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