Day Hike Notes – Camel’s Hump

Mansfield from just below Camel's Hump

Mount Mansfield from just below Camel’s Hump

Last Friday, I rose at 5:00, drove 300 miles to northern Vermont, and there took a couple of short hikes. I haven’t—as far as I know—taken leave of my senses. The main purpose of the trip was not hiking. My youngest has started college up there, and our car was filled with her gear much more than mine. But why drive all that way without making even just a little use of the Green Mountains?

On Friday evening, somewhat drained, I climbed a couple of miles up the side of Mount Mansfield to Cantilever Rock (here is a better photograph than I managed of the strange formation). The last time I was on Mount Mansfield, I saw Camel’s Hump off to the south and resolved to climb it one day. That day arrived on Saturday, four years later.

DATE: Saturday, August 25th.
START & FINISH: Trailhead at end of Camel’s Hump Rd, Huntington VT (44.304679, -72.908154).
ROUTE: Burrows Trail and short section of Long Trail to summit; return by same route.
DISTANCE: 4.8 miles roundtrip.
TIME: 4 hours with long summit sojourn (9:30am-1:30pm).
TERRAIN: 2,300-foot ascent to 4,083-foot summit, ascent gaining in steepness toward summit. No scrambling involved.
MAP: Not necessary, but I took Northern Vermont Hiking Trails.

WEATHER: Sunny, warm, humid; probably mid-60s on summit.
WILDLIFE: Nothing of note.

BREAKFAST: McDonalds, Essex VT.
LUNCH: Snacks on the summit.
UPS: Well, the summit views. But also feeling my “engine” was working well on the climb.
DOWNS: A bit too much company maybe; Camel’s Hump was popular that day.
KIT: I took an extra layer for the summit and briefly needed it.
COMPANY: Loads, but all good-natured and well behaved.

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