About My Blog

My first post set out what McWilliams Takes a Hike is about, or at least it began to.


The subject is taking to the trails and byways in whatever way we can – short outings close to home, big adventures, even hikes in memory and imagination. And it’s about telling what happened on those escapes. I am discovering that the fun – and hardships – of a hike can be enjoyably relived in the writing about them. The blog will stray from time to time into that area — the task of writing about walking. (I write a monthly hiking article, by the way, for The Hour of Norwalk, Connecticut. They can be found under the Taking a Hike tab).

Hikers, like everyone else, need ideas, inspiration and information — Where are the good places to hike? Which have gone to the dogs? Do waterproof boots really exist? Where are the good books and articles for armchair escape? I hope above all that this blog will lead to relationships with people who share my interests and questions, and that we can swap stories and get answers together.


One thought on “About My Blog

  1. Rob McWilliams: I am an avid hiker, living in Westport and have read your column in the
    Westport News. I do not blog but would like to contact you about some spectacular hikes
    in southern Connecticut. Please contact me at rfatherleyl@optonline.net. Looking forward to
    hearing from you. Bob Fatherley

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