First Day of Spring TV Chat

On Monday, I chatted with HAN Network Arts & Leisure hosts Sally Sanders and Steve Coulter about hiking plans and ideas for the spring. It was a ramble of a conversation, touching on the Smokies and Maine, as well as hikes closer to home. I think we gave the poor guy in charge of syncing the photos to the talk a few problems. Never mind, here’s the link (chat starts at 4:05).

HAN Network Arts & Leisure, Monday March 20th

Sally, who also publishes my Taking a Hike column in Hersam Acorn Newspapers’ e-editions and website, is retiring at the end of the month. Have a happy and active retirement, Sally!

On Gregory Bald, Great Smoky Mountains NP

We discussed Gregory Bald and Great Smoky Mountains NP

Taking a Hike – Metacomet Trail

My “Taking a Hike” column for April was published a week and a half ago by Hersam Acorn Newspapers – Discovering the Metacomet Ridge.

The column has not yet appeared in The Hour of Norwalk. The Hour recently changed ownership, and I am not sure what the new owners will do, if anything, with “Taking a Hike”.

I experimented this month with an audio version of the column. Needless to say, I don’t like how I sound at all. But, if you prefer listening over reading, you will find the recording at the top of the text (same link as above).

HAN Arts & Leisure

On HAN Arts & Leisure

I also made an appearance on HAN Network TV’s Arts & Leisure show, rabbiting on some more about the Metacomet Trail. The show was entitled Navigating Connecticut Trails and Connecticut Wedding Season. I stuck to trails, and begin at minute 32:30 of the video.

So, a multimedia Metacomet experience this month.