Great Smokies

Near Cataloochee, Great Smoky MountainsSo far I have made just one trip to the Great Smokies, back in 2003. As mentioned in Planning and Imagining Hikes, there are plans afoot to change that next year. Three memorable hikes from 11 years ago: (1) Gregory Bald – Gregory Ridge Trail, Gregory Bald Trail, back to car along Parson Branch Road; (2) Mt LeConte – Alum Cave Trail, Boulevard Trail, A.T. back to Newfound Gap;  and (3) Little Cataloochee Church – Little Cataloochee Trail from Palmer Creek to Hannah Cemetery and back. Highlights – dense foliage down below, even in April; wild flowers and bare trees on the trail to Gregory Bald; the air cooling and drying as the Alum Cave Trail climbed; clouds on the mountainside near Cataloochee (see right – a scan from film).

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